About Electric Life

About Electric Life

From smooth journeys to work, to exhilarating mountain terrain rides, our collection of electric vehicles has a lot to offer. Treat yourself to some new wheels today, from Electric Bikes and E-Motorbikes to Mobility Scooters, Golf Carts and Smart Luggages etc. Browse our full range and discover the buy now, pay later options that we offer at Electric Life. You choose whether you pay with zero interest or fees. Find out more here.

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Discover electric bikes at Electric Life

Looking for a greener way to get around? Look no further. We stock an array of electric bikes from some of the world’s most established brands. Whether you’re browsing for your first electric bike or are quite the connoisseur, the selection we hold ranges from beginner-friendly right through to those designed for tricky terrains. With differing wheel size options and a varying number of gears across the e-bikes we offer, you’re sure to find a model that ticks all the boxes. A greener option that is becoming ever more popular, shop the right electric bike for you today.

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Free Shipping

All of our in-stock products are eligible for next day delivery. We dispatch our in-stock items the same day (Mon-Fri) on orders placed before 5 pm. Orders placed after 5 pm or on the weekend will be dispatched on the next working day.

12 Month Warranty

Our brand new products come with a minimum 12 month warranty for your peace of mind. We stock spare parts in our Multiple warehouse so that we can ensure a swift delivery and resolution to any problems.

What to expect

With other leading electric brands, we stock, ship, and carry out maintenance & repairs from our warehouses in the heart of the midlands. This means that we only ship out items which we are 100% satisfied with for your peace of mind.

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What Are the Tech Features of a Smart Bag?

Built-in battery or power bank

GPS tracking

Built-in scale

Electronic locks controlled from your smartphone

External USB port or USB-c port for charging

Portable Wi-Fi hotspots

RFID blocking liners for security

Solar panel for charging

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Whether your commute to work requires you to get onto public transport or you're just short on storage space, the Folding Electric Bike is the perfect solution. Our collection of foldable electric bikes adds convenience to your life whilst remaining comfortable, practical and stylish! Our range of foldable electric bikes extends across different brands, styles and colours.

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This smart suitcase has not one, not two, but three major smart features, which are all controlled by an app available for both Apple and Android devices. First, there's an integrated scale so that you can weigh your bag anywhere you go. Second, the lock securing the zipper is controlled by Bluetooth, so you can remotely lock and unlock your bag. And third, there's a proximity alarm that notifies you when you've left your bag behind. 

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we supply the best-designed and developed electric bike & electric scooters  on the market, all while using the highest quality components to streamline our move to a greener future. 

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If you're tired of the never-ending cost of driving or looking for a serious upgrade on your electric bike, we've got the e-bike for you! Elevate your cycling experience with our range of the world's most popular electric bikes and electric scooters, 

A Closer Look at Golf Carts Today

Golf carts were originally designed to carry golfers as they make short distances trips around the golf course. Usually small and simple in design, they can carry up to eight passengers depending on the make and model. As technology advances, the manufacturers continue to modify these golf carts and they are now giving more advantages and different uses to the owners. 

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 They became a handy mode of transportation not just for golfers but for the neighborhood and even small businesses. So if we are considering getting a golf cart for your personal or business use, you should consider different factors.

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Where To Buy Your First Golf Cart

  There are many options to choose from and it can be confusing if it is your first time buying a golf cart. At 27electricwheels, we have a huge selection of new and pre-owned golf carts that you can choose from. We also have a dedicated team of experts that can provide full-service maintenance and repair of golf carts.

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With 27 Electric Wheels, you can request onsite pick-up and delivery. Being the experts in golf carts, we own the most advanced technology for any repairs needed. It is important for you to buy your first golf cart in a customer-oriented store, so you can be assured that your questions and worries as a first-time buyer will be answered professionally.

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Looking for parts?

  We have a wide selection of parts in stock, and we can get almost any part you need very quickly. Give us a call today and get what you need fast and for a great price.

  We offer comprehensive suite of service, repairs, and maintenance packages in a welcoming environment, with a knowledgeable, and trained service-oriented staff. Every golf cart model has specialized safety and comfort features to offer. They can come with portable battery chargers, cup holders, plastic enclosures for rain protection.

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Electric Golf Carts OR Gas Golf Carts

  Gas and electric golf carts are both great options, it really just depends on a few factors and personal preference. A common misconception about electric vs. gas golf carts is that the electric cart will cost you more to maintain because batteries are expensive. This is incorrect, in fact, the operating cost of the gas and electric carts are essentially the same, the only real difference is the gas cart will cost you in oil changes, belts, fuel and filters, while the electric golf cart will require that the batteries get replaced every couple of years (5-7 years on average). If you crunch the numbers, it’s basically a wash on costs.

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What to Look for When Buying a Used Golf Car?

1. Make a List of the Most Important Features You Require

2. Check the Mileage and the Fabrication Date

3. Examine All of the Golf Cart’s Pieces

4. Make Your Research and Compare Prices

5. Test Drive It

Which Is the Best Golf Cart Brand?

What Are the Best Golf Cart Accessories?

Gas vs. Electric Golf Cart: Main Differences

Which Is the Best Electric Golf Cart?

Which Are the Best Golf Cart Batteries?

What Makes a Golf Cart Street Legal?

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Nothing better than starting the week with a good compliment, right? We are delighted to see our YES being so welcomed in the market! 🛴😍

Your Heading

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Moonwalkers™ are the first-ever mobility device that allows you to walk at the speed of a run. Designed with an adaptive A.I. drivetrain, you can cover more distance - at your own pace

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Unleash your inner child with our vast range of adult electric scooters. Now available in stock, our electric scooters allow for convenient travel and offer an eco-friendly alternative to driving. These efficient designs are complete with quick recharging times and supreme water protection to combat any typical weather.