Samsara Aluminum Carry-On


In addition to the tough aluminum exterior, this 21-inch travel suitcase is packed with all kinds of useful smart features for frequent travelers. There’s a USB-C port, which is especially welcome for those with newer devices (since it’s still hard to find any luggage that supports USB-C), and it connects to a 10,000mah battery for recharging. The flat top is designed to be used as a laptop desk if necessary, and the inside of the bag has an LED light system that automatically switches on in dark conditions so you can always find what you’re looking for. Finally, the suitcase comes with a detection system paired with an app that alerts you when your suitcase is being carried far away or when it is being opened out of your range. The Samsara Aluminum Carry-On is the smartest luggage we’ve found!


1 review for Samsara Aluminum Carry-On

  1. joe

    I have purchased the Smart Aluminum Luggage since I travel very often and I looked for a good combination of functionality and quality. After traveling 3 times with this luggage, I’m sure I’ve made the perfect choice. Although it looks compact, which is exactly what I need in order to fit with no issues any space inside of any airplane, the volume inside allows you to put all you need in an effective and organized manner. The fact that you close the luggage with no zippers is very helpful and you don’t have to struggle while doing that. In addition, the fact that it provides you with a work space to put your laptop on, including integral USB charger is awesome and very useful especially with the long hours I’m spending waiting while I travel. The accessories provided with the luggage are already an integral part of my travel kit. You can easily role the luggage while you walk in the long terminal halls. Functionality and quality aside- I love the design. Highly recommended for someone who travel as much as I do.

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